• E M B R O I D E R Y

    The hand embroidery, the needle and the thread are our preferred work tools from the beginning of our history: in the hands of skilled embroiderers who have given rise to authentic masterpieces of art. Decades of experience in this sector and the continuous rediscovery of ancient embroidery stitches have made us a leader in the production of precious printed and hand-embroidered scarves.

  • P A I N T I N G

    Palombina’s collections elevate the painted fabric to a piece of art. Entirely handmade, the elegant scarves are the result of careful research with exclusive colors and designs, they combine taste to high craftsmanship in the same time, with  a new  figurative language that generates a recognizable aesthetic.

  • S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y

    We live in a unique planet, which has always been the source of our inspiration and offers us the precious materials we use every day, which is the reason why Palombina has such huge respect for the environment as its cornerstone. Our production activity is followed with the utmost attention, with strict controls on materials and production systems, striving increasingly to have a minimum impact on the ecosystem.